Stephen K. Bannon said electronic voting machines must be eliminated if America is going to root out voter fraud.

War Room exposed the threat of just two or three companies in control of voter machines in the U.S. A concern that used to be bipartisan.

“Democrats raised these issues,” said Bannon. “Why are these machines used in so many cities, they call it disenfranchisement.”

Bannon and venture capitalist Dave Ramaswamy noted Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar previously warned machines could switch votes. They issued a formal complaint to Dominion in 2019.

“To completely exclude the possibility of a hacking incident is kind of ludicrous,” Ramaswamy said of the mainstream media position today. 

Concern about voter machines is “beyond left or right,” he said. “It’s something that unites large swaths of Americans.”

“We have to make sure none of these machines are connected to the internet,” Bannon said. 


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