Revolver News’ Darren Beattie said Kristi Noem’s cave to the NCAA reveals she is a typical Republican establishment figure.

“She caved to the NCAA,” he told War Room on Saturday. “A real leader would have taken up that fight. Even an astute political calculator would have taken up that fight.”

Beattie said Noem has “mutilated” her political future by her “fake” PR move to establishment of a Title IX coalition. “I’m not even sure Title IX is that worthy of a robust defense,” he said.

“It’s so sad because we see this movie over and over and over again,” Beattie explained. “The big star Kristi Noem. ‘Look at this tough Republican female,’ they roll out the red carpet at CPAC.”

The punchline is a cave to big business at the expense of your constituents on “such a basic issue” of keeping men out of women’s sports.

Beattie said he’s not buying the excuse that Noem would lose to the NCAA if she stood on principle.

“It’s still to her advantage to do it,” he said. “The Kristi Noem vs. the NCAA would be the new Trump vs. the NFL.”

“But no, she has to cave to the business interests of South Dakota,” Beattie said.


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