Fauci’s Mask

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows reveals behind the scenes West Wing conversations that prove Dr. Fauci is a fraud.

Fauci told the White House “masks don’t work,” in the early stages of the pandemic and wasn’t trying to preserve personal protective equipment.

‘A Complete Heisman on Anything That Was Not by Big Pharma’

Meadows reveals Fauci and the medical bureaucratic establishment blocked anything that was “not by Big Pharma.”

Plus, Meadows reveals President Trump’s conversations about shutting off funding to the Wuhan lab and the World Health Organization.

Peter Daszak Lies on 60 minutes

Natalie Winters and Joanna Miller fact check the Middle School report by Leslie Stahl on the Wuhan lab.

CCP-Linked Peter Daszak Has Long-Standing Relationship With “Incomparable” Dr. Fauci

60 Minutes: What Happened At The Wuhan Virology Lab? Questions Linger


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