Dr. Peter Navarro said Joe Biden’s open borders policy is “effectively murder.”

Navarro warned War Room that tens of thousands of Americans will die from the Brazilian strain of the virus seeping through during Biden’s border crisis.

“These mutations now are being imported across the border,” he said. “Our border policy under Joe Biden is effectively murder. It’s going to kill thousands of Americans, it just will.”

Navarro, who was ahead of the curve on the Chinese Communist Party virus in January 2020, says the new strain from Brazil is more contagious, and more deadly.

“Tens of thousands of Americans are likely to die because of that open border,” he said. “When you look at what’s happening in Brazil, hospitals are overcrowded.”

Navarro reported cases of the Brazilian strain are hitting border towns. Arizona is a “hot bed,” and cases are now spreading across the country, most recently in Wisconsin.

Navarro blamed Biden’s open borders policies, and Tony Fauci, who he called a “sociopath” for funding the CCP’s gain of function resesarch in Wuhan.


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