Dr. Peter Navarro told War Room he has a new theory to explain the failures of Dr. Tony Fauci: he’s a “sociopath.”

“I’ve been going on the theory that Fauci is just a befuddled old man,” Navarro said, Tuesday. “My new theory is this guy is just a sociopath.”

Navarro said he came to the conclusion after Fauci’s weekend interview with CNN, where he attempted to rewrite history of the early days of the pandemic.

Fauci is now taking credit for the vaccine, when he was the person who sent American tax dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, to fund the Chinese Communist Party’s research that caused the coronavirus.

“Fauci is a sociopath,” Navarro said. “He created the Wuhan lab gain of function genetically modified virus and now we have Brazilian strains.” 


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