Deirdre Hairston told War Room her shocking story of a priest in Dallas, Texas who called the police on her for pulling down her mask during mass.

Hairston, was holding her one-year-old baby in the back of the Holy Trinity church in Dallas, Texas, many feet away from other people, when she started to feel unwell.

“I am pregnant and was feeling very light headed, so I removed my mask so I could breath,” she said. Next thing she knew, three police officers were on top of her as she was kneeling to pray.

The female police officer threatened to arrest her at the church for “trespassing,” and said “this is a business.”

Hairston said it was “truly traumatizing” to be manhandled in the church.

“The governor has lifted the mask mandate, on top of that our own bishop has not required a mask,” Hairston said.

“I very much blame Bishop [Edward] Burns due to his lack of leadership and due to his lack of clarity,” she said.

Stephen K. Bannon noted the incredible double standard of sanctuary cities, where cops never enter churches used to facilitate lawbreaking.

“This is unacceptable,” Bannon said. To have the police go into a church about a mask, it’s so over the top.”

In the sanctuary cities, some of the radicals in the Catholic church are using the churches as sanctuaries,” he said. “The police never cross that line. But you have a young mother who has a one-year-old baby in her arms…that’s okay? Why? Because you don’t have a mask on. In a state where the governor has said no mask.”


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