Mike Lindell’s new social media platform Frank will be a haven for free speech with servers that can hold up to a billion people.

Lindell previewed the platform on War Room, Wednesday, saying when it launches the week of April 12th it will be impossible to censor or cancel.

“I designed this for free speech and to get the word out,” Lindell said. “It’s going to be the megaphone for the world.”

Lindell said Frank will be a combination of YouTube and Twitter, outside of the control of Big Tech oligarchs.

“Nothing can be taken down from Apple or Jeff Bezos,” Lindell said, after other Twitter alternatives were censored from the Google and Apple App stores, and Amazon servers.

“In Nazi Germany when they took over they were marketers,” Lindell said. “The first thing they did was take away free speech.”

Lindell said money was no object in protecting data security and for server capacity for hundreds of millions of people around the world. “I believe, up to 1 billion people” can be on the platform at once, he said. 

“It’s basically to protect your right to free speech,” Lindell said. “The voice of free speech, what a concept.”


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