Classical education could be the key to reshaping American culture, says one Catholic prinicipal.

Kim Quatela, principal of Regina Pacis Academy in Connecticut, joined War Room to explain the future of Catholic education and why emphasis on STEM has prevented kids from learning the basics.

“There is such a notion that classical education is just a fad,” Quatela said. “There could be nothing that is more opposite than that.”

“I dare to say that the push with technology has been exactly what left our children devoid of the ability to think and to communicate and to refine our thoughts,” she said.

Regina Pacis Academy integrates classical education with the Christian faith. The school uses the Trivium stages of grammar, dialectic or logic, and rhetoric.

Quatela said the solution to a divided nation with no common ground is teaching children to think, and teaching virtue.

“We need to cultivate wisdom and cultivate the truth, and get back to that so children can learn how to think,” she said.

“We have to go back to the idea that classical education is not just for the elite,” Quatela said .”It’s not just for the few, it’s for the many.”


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