Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced new legislation to ban government from implementing vaccine passports, which she calls Dr. Fauci “permission slips.”

Greene said the idea to force vaccinations to allow people to buy and sell is dangerous, and has nothing to do with public health or covid.

“They don’t want to require an ID to vote, but they want to require us to have a vaccine passport,” Greene told War Room on Thursday. “And it’s complete wrong.”

“They don’t care about public health,” she said. “This is about control.”

“If they cared they would be shutting the border down,” Greene said. “These vaccine passports are not about covid and they’re not about public health. It’s about turning us into a more socialist communist society.”

Greene introduced the We Will Not Comply Act. The legislation not only stops government from pushing vaccine passports, but gives liability protection to small businesses, and empowers individuals to sue if they are discriminated against for not wearing a mask or getting the vaccine.

“We never want anyone to die from covid,” Greene said. “But this was also a virus sent to us from China,” that has ruled “our lives for a year now.”

Greene said the media and medical establishment never focuses on the 30 million Americans who have survived and recovered from covid-19. Vaccine passports are not about beating the virus, she said.

“This is about putting people on lists and knowing who is going where,” Greene said. 


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