Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she’s been the victim of enough fake news to spot another in the New York Times Matt Gaetz story.

Greene ripped the media double standard, running with smears and lacking evidence, while ignoring concrete wrongdoing by Hunter Biden.

“This is what the media does,” Greene told War Room on Thursday. “It’s just like what we saw with Russia collusion conspiracy theories.”

Greene said until there’s concrete evidence, she’s not falling for the elusive and obscure allegations against Gaetz, a strong leader in the MAGA movement.

“I won’t believe it because I can tell you from experience, just because it’s a headline and it says so in an article doesn’t mean it’s true,” she said. 

Greene added the New York Times is a business, and “they need clicks so they can sell.” 

“Until the New York Times and the Daily Beast want to dig into Hunter biden they can just, who cares about Matt Gaetz?” she said. “I obviously could care less.”

“It’s a bunch of bull and garbage,” Greene said.

Stories like this are meant to distract from the Biden regime’s $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” plan, where only 6 percent goes to roads and bridges.

“They’re just a bunch of gossip news and I’m sick and tired of it,” Greene said of the New York Times.


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