Italian journalist Maria Luisa Rossi joined War Room with a shocking report on the dire situation of Rome during its third covid lock down.

The city, including St. Peter’s Church, is completely empty on Good Friday.

“The eternal city is empty,” she said. “I have never seen Rome the way I saw it today. A picture of an empty Rome, the shops are closed, the hotels are closed.

“An empty city mourning not for the death of Christ, but because of covid,” she said.

Rossi revealed the Soviet Union-style police state that will barely let anyone in or out. The situation in Italy from another lockdown is “dire.”

“I see uncertainty, I see fear, I see acquiescence,” Rossi said. “This is what I see in the Italian people.”

“I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on,” she said. “Data is uncertain as best, some reporters claim ICU units are not at full capacity. There is no awareness.

“The economy is dying,” Rossie said. “It died in 2020. Three hundred thousand businesses were shut down, and they really don’t know how to pick it up.”


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