CEO of Gab Andrew Torba peels back the many layers of transhumanism, and explains why it boils down to a good old fashioned battle of good versus evil.

Torba joined War Room’s special on trasnhumanism, and revealed how Silicon Valley is stealing your data to perfect technology its executives will try to use to live forever.

Torba said smartphones are the “beta version” of transhumanism. Torba says it’s imperative Americans give up convenience and boycott Big Tech to stop them from stealing your data for their demonic agenda.

“The Greek tragedy in all of this is you are essentially paying for this,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “You’re funding basically all this, your tax dollars are funding it through DARPA or your pensions.”

“When you’re on Facebook or you’re on Twitter you are their lab rat,” said Torba. “You are feeding data and information to train their artificial intelligence to train their machine learning to get them one step closer to their transhumanism goal of becoming gods.”

Good vs. Evil

Torba said the difference between Christians and trasnhumanists is fundamental.

“We believe in humanity, we believe in Jesus Christ,” he said. “That is where we get our eternal life. They are secular humanists, they are atheists, they are nihilists. They do not value human life, each individual human life in the way that we do because our our faith and because of our Biblical worldview.”

“Their worldview as secular humanists is it’s a dog eat dog world and they’re at the top of the food chain,” Torba said. “They believe they’re superior to everyone else because they have all the data, they have all the money, they have all the technology, they have all the war power to build something like this and to get eternal life.

“Which it sounds like hell to me,” Torba added. “Living forever here on earth sounds like hell to me, but it’s something they are obsessed with.” 


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