The Father of the Virus Lies on Neil Cavuto

War Room’s in-studio co-host for the day Dr. Peter Navarro fact checks Dr. Fauci’s lies on Fox News.

Stephen K. Bannon rips Fauci for lying that he has “nothing to do with the border,” when he is running the U.S. response.

“You’re shutting down churches, you’re going in and dragging out a young mother with her baby out of a mass” Bannon said. “And [Fauci has] quote nothing to do with the border?”

“This is what a liar this guy is, what have you recommended to Joe Biden?” he said.

St. Fauci lies on Fox News

Hunter Biden is Still the Bag Man

Bannon and Navarro rip Hunter Biden’s CBS interview and explain how the Biden crime family’s bag man is still taking money from the Chinese Communist Party.

Hunter Biden Admits: “There Could Be A Laptop Out There…” After MONTHS Of Media Cover-Ups

Flashback: Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named As Criminal Case Witness

Biden’s Manufacturing Sell Out to China

Real America’s Voice host Tudor Dixon joins War Room on her latest editorial in the Detroit News that explains China’s long-term plan to steal America’s manufacturing base. War Room warns of the Biden regime’s plan to destroy the American car.

Plus, Dixon and Navarro note the problem with electric vehicles: where do they get their electricity from?

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China’s plan for world domination has been decades in the making, writes Tudor Dixon.

The Barn Door is Open and the Horse is Gone

Dr. Navarro on why he no longer watches the NBA or the MLB: they sold out to China.

Navarro rips MLB and Big Media for condoning the stolen election in Georgia, and pushing lies about the election integrity bill that merely requires an ID to vote by mail.

“That was stolen in Georgia,” Navarro said. “And all the legislators did with the barn door open and the horse gone is fix half — half! — of what was wrong.”

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