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Episode 865 – The Fourth Turning … How Millennials Can Win Fight for Populism(w/ Bob MacGuffie, Antony Stark, John Mills)

“They are on the front line of liberty for all of us,” Mills said. “Because they are not stopping with Taiwan, this is not abstract this is literal we are together on this.” Our guests are: Bob MacGuffie, Antony Stark, John Mills Stay ahead of the censors – Join us warroom.org/join Aired On: 04/10/2021 Watch:On […]

Episode 864 – Bellingcat for Dummies … Taxpayer-Funded NGOs Ruin the Border and Spy on You (w/ Ben Bergquam, Darren Beattie)

“If you’re under 50, you have the same likelihood of dying by choking on your food,” Bergquam said of the risk of covid. “Why would anyone take a vaccine when the testing that is being done on the vaccine is on you? I think there’s a clear reason for vaccine hesitancy, you don’t know if […]

Episode 863 – Hunter’s Red Chinese Herring … Laughing Off the Laptop From Hell and the Border Crisis (w/ Dr. Peter Navarro, Darren Beattie, Boris Epshteyn, Ben Bergquam, Victor Avila, Todd Bensman)

Bellingcat has been used to “crush” populists movements like Brexit and MAGA, and now has its sights on the Deplorables using the “insurrection” on Jan. 6 to smear us as domestic terrorists. Our guests are: Dr. Peter Navarro, Darren Beattie, Boris Epshteyn, Ben Bergquam, Victor Avila, Todd Bensman Stay ahead of the censors – Join […]

Episode 862 – Let’s Be Frank … Mike Lindell’s New Social Media Platform and New Lawsuit Against Dominion (w/ Mike Lindell)

“None of the mainstream media will have me on,” he said. “I’m willing to go on anything to talk about the truth. Fox won’t have me on. You have to wonder why?” Our guest is: Mike Lindell Stay ahead of the censors – Join us warroom.org/join Aired On: 04/09/2021 Watch:On the Web: http://www.pandemic.warroom.orgOn Podcast: http://warroom.ctcin.bioOn TV: PlutoTV […]

Bannon: Forget 1/6, We Need a 11/3 Commission on Voter Fraud

Stephen K. Bannon blasted the “feckless pencilnecks” in the Republican Party who aren’t demanding a commission to get to the bottom of Nov. 3. “Here’s the commission I want,” Bannon said on War Room, Saturday. “I want a commission right now on 3 November. Bannon said forget the Deep State’s quest for a 9/11-style commission […]

Bannon Loses It on Morons Who Don’t Understand Populism: ‘It’s Not About Race’

Stephen K. Bannon went off on a live chat commenter during Saturday’s War Room, and set the record straight about what populism means. “Populism is color blind,” Bannon said, after a commenter in the live chat said the border crisis affects “white kids.” “Populism doesn’t care your religion, doesn’t care about your gender, your race, […]

‘The Hell With the Donors’: Bannon Blasts RNC Drinking Champagne While Border Implodes

Stephen K. Bannon blasted the Republican National Committee for holdings its summer meeting in Palm Beach, while the border implodes and populism lies in the balance. “There’s no hope there,” Bannon said, after a live report from Tijuana. “There’s nothing but despair there and that’s Northern Mexico.”  “I don’t need a bunch of donors drinking […]

Mike Lindell Pursuing Amazon Alternative Called ‘My Store’

Mike Lindell is building more alternatives to Big Tech than just social media, announcing he is developing a rival to Amazon called “My Store.” Lindell disclosed the new project during an interview on War Room, Friday. Lindell’s new social media cross between YouTube and Twitter called “Frank” will officially launch on April 19. The platform […]

Mike Lindell Suing Dominion AGAIN: ‘We’re Going After Them in the Biggest Way Possible’

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell is going on offense against Dominion and Smartmatic, announcing another lawsuit against the voting machine companies for stifling free speech. “We’re going after them in the biggest way possible,” Lindell told War Room on Friday. “We’re including Smartmatic. They’re the mother ship.” Lindell said not since 1798 has a company […]

Mike Lindell’s New Social Media ‘Frank’ to Launch Early for VIPs

Mike Lindell previewed his new social media platform Frank, and said it will launch next week for VIPs. Lindell said he’s been working on the platform for 4 years, and has invested over $2 million into security alone. You can learn more about signing up at FrankSpeech.com. The platform will go public on April 19.

19 Cyber Attacks from China Flipped 5 States to Biden on Nov. 3

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell said he has hard evidence of cyber attacks from China on Nov. 3 that stole five states from Donald Trump. “Nineteen of the attacks all came from China,” Lindell told War Room on Friday. “We have people on the ground who investigate every single piece of that.” Lindell said an […]

Deep State Scum Declares War on MAGA

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, said the Deep State has declared of war against MAGA. Beattie exposed the “deep state scum” who signed onto a national security letter targeting patriotic Americans as “domestic terrorists.” “This new war on terror is going to be starring you,” Beattie told War Room, Friday. “And it’s just as corrupt, […]

John Lott ‘Shocked by the Number of Lies’ Biden Told About Guns

John Lott detailed the shocking amount of lies at Joe Biden’s gun grabbing press conference. “I was shocked by the number of lies that were told in that short presentation,” Lott told War Room, on Friday. Lott says Biden is targeting the gun manufacturing industry, and says gun control is a shield for the left’s […]

Bannon: Biden is Doing the ‘Radical Transformation’ Obama Talked About

Stephen K. Bannon said the Joe Biden regime is the fruition of Barack Obama’s plan of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” “Joe Biden is doing the radical transformation that Barack Obama talked about,” Bannon said on War Room, Thursday. Bannon blasted Biden’s planned $8 trillion in spending, including the latest $2 trillion infrastructure […]


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