Bannon: Transhumanism is ‘Not Science Fiction, Atheist Elite Want to Live Forever

Stephen K. Bannon says transhumanism is “not science fiction.” “They’re trying to hide it,” Bannon said. “The bottom line for the technocratic elite right now is not to better mankind, not to take the world to a better place. It is because these are radical atheistic materialists and they want eternal life.” “Every one of […]

Steve Bannon on GTV: The CCP Genocide of the Uyghurs and the 50 Cent Army

Watch Stephen K. Bannon’s latest interview on GTV. Bannon discusses the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide of the Uyghurs and the 50 Cent Army.

Cortes Warns of Coming Inflation

Steve Cortes shares his forecast for the economy, and it’s not pretty under the Biden regime. “You may not care about bonds,” Cortes says, “but bonds care about you.” Since Biden was installed bond yields have more than doubled, and Cortes explains why this could mean inflation we haven’t seen since the 1970s. The massive […]

Bombing Syria is ‘Affirmative Action for Defense Contractors’

War Room explains the obsession of the global elite with bombing Syria. The Biden regime waited all but one month to launch a new war in the Middle East. “War is affirmative action for defense contractors,” said Darren Beattie, of Revolver news. Stephen K. Bannon explains the elite views bombing Middle Eastern nations as another […]

Episode 760 – The New Religion of the Technocracy

We are the Majority Film producer Maggie VandenBerghe, aka Fog City Midge, reports live from CPAC where the rank and file telling the establishment who’s boss. The upbeat mood is turning Doom City Midge back into Let’s Win Midge, because we all know “Donald Trump won in an overwhelming landslide.” Follow @FogCityMidge Instagram: @FogCityMidge Two Steps […]

Episode 759 – Affirmative Action for Defense Contractors

It’s TPAC Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and guest co-host Eric Greitens discuss the mask police at CPAC. John Fredericks has renamed it TPAC, because it’s all about Trump. Fredericks explains the mood in Orlando and why Ron DeSantis is the man to beat if President Trump doesn’t run again. Mitch McConnell ‘absolutely’ would […]

Epshteyn: ‘No Room for Nikki Haley’ in GOP

Boris Epshteyn comments on the inauspicious start to Nikki (!) 2024. “If you’re not welcome at CPAC, Nikki Haley, how are you going to win any primaries?” “There’s no room for Nikki Haley in this party,” Epshteyn said. “You can’t go on one day and say, ‘Oh I’m with President Trump and then try to […]

Episode 758 – No Room for Nikki in GOP

Populist Posse Goes to CPAC Real America’s Voice correspondent Amanda Head reports live from Orlando, where an unexpected mask mandate is putting a hiccup in the massive MAGA gathering. “People are a lot more excited to come now that President Trump is going to speak,” Head reports. No Room for Nikki Boris Epshteyn comments on […]

Gaetz: Intel Doesn’t Justify D.C. Occupation

Rep. Matt Gaetz told War Room there is no intelligence to justify the military occupation in Washington, D.C. “This is the new forever war,” Gaetz said. “The situation we have here is one of punishment, not one of rational response to real threat.” National Guard troops have now been surrounding the Capitol for 49 days. […]

War Room Previews CPAC

War Room previewed CPAC 2021, which is already the biggest event ever held in Orlando. President Trump addresses the convention on Sunday. “The populists have taken over CPAC at a grassroots level,” said radio host John Fredericks. The packed house is “10 times” bigger than he expected, Fredericks said. In addition, Rep. Matt Gaetz previewed his […]

Gaetz Slams McCarthy and Cheney’s ‘Vaudeville’ Show

Rep. Matt Gaetz said the awkwardness between Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney is just an act. “I watched that little vaudeville routine they had running with Cheney,” Gaetz said of the GOP leadership conference Wednesday. “You had Steve Scalise in the background, the mute shaking his head, ‘no.’” “This is not organic,” Gaetz said. “This […]

Bannon: Yes, I’m Proud to be China ‘Super Hawk’

Stephen K. Bannon called out the “weakness double-talk” from Larry Kudlow on China and said it’s imperative to confront the Chinese Communist Party. “We have to confront them,” said Bannon.  “It’s unrestricted warfare.” Kudlow recently interviewed Michael Pillsbury, where they argued China needs to be challenged, but not confronted. “Yes, I’m proud to be a […]

Episode 757 – Trumplification of the GOP

A Stolen Realignment Election  On day 49 of the occupation, Rep. Gaetz says he hasn’t seen any intelligence that justifies the troops and wall in D.C.  Brian Kennedy, of the Committee on the present danger: China, explains how President Trump got over 80 million votes, and what he must do in his speech to CPAC […]

Episode 756 – CCP Super Hawks

Kabuki Theater Rep. Matt Gaetz joins as co-host of the War Room and calls out the phony vaudeville routine between Kevin McCarthy and Liz Cheney. John Fredericks reports live from a packed house at CPAC, the biggest event ever held in Orlando.  Kabuki theater: McCarthy and Liz Cheney ‘clash’ on Trump speaking at CPAC  Get […]

EXCLUSIVE: 69% of Americans see China as Economic Threat

A majority of Americans view China as an economic threat and Joe Biden as weak on China, according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll exclusively shared with War Room. The survey of 1,000 likely voters reveals 69 percent see China as a threat economically. Fifty percent think Joe Biden’s policies towards China are “worse” than […]

Bannon and Navarro: Kevin McCarthy Has Got to Go

Stephen K. Bannon and Dr. Peter Navarro said Kevin McCarthy “has got to go” because he is responsible for Liz Cheney remaining in GOP leadership. “He had a chance to take her out and didn’t,” Navarro said. Bannon said the future of the GOP is less warmongers like Cheney, and more of populist nationalists like […]

Episode 755 – Inside the Tent Pissing In

Kevin McCarthy Has Got to Go Day 48 of the occupation and the wall around D.C., and Ben Bergquam has a live report in El Paso where Biden and the Democrats want the wall to come down. Follow @BBergquam Dr. Peter Navarro eviscerates Liz Cheney and Kevin McCarthy — who is the real reason Cheney […]

Minnesota Housewife Leads Fight to Save Women’s Sports

Beth Stelzer, founder of Save Women’s’ Sports, told War Room how to stop biological men from taking over women’s sports leagues. “It will erase women,” said Stelzer, a Minnesota housewife and amateur power lifter, said of the “Equality Act.” Stelzer recently held an online rally to oppose the Biden regime’s attempt to cancel women’s sports. […]

Exposed: CCP-Compromised Officials at Top of Biden Regime

Natalie Winters, of the National Pulse, told War Room the Chinese Communist Party has “their hook into every aspect of American society.” Winters exposed numerous officials atop the Biden regime with ties to the Chinese government. Her latest report reveals Biden’s China chief Melanie Hart participated in CCP propaganda efforts. Hart said she is “fine” […]

Riviere: Le Pen Would Win if French Elections Held Today

European member of parliament Jerome Riviere told War Room populist Marine Le Pen’s political future is bright. “I think she would win,” Riviere said. “We are within the margin of error.” Riviere said Le Pen would win if the French presidential election were held today. “I think with 14 months to go it’s going to […]