Deep State Scum Declares War on MAGA

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, said the Deep State has declared of war against MAGA. Beattie exposed the “deep state scum” who signed onto a national security letter targeting patriotic Americans as “domestic terrorists.” “This new war on terror is going to be starring you,” Beattie told War Room, Friday. “And it’s just as corrupt, […]

John Lott ‘Shocked by the Number of Lies’ Biden Told About Guns

John Lott detailed the shocking amount of lies at Joe Biden’s gun grabbing press conference. “I was shocked by the number of lies that were told in that short presentation,” Lott told War Room, on Friday. Lott says Biden is targeting the gun manufacturing industry, and says gun control is a shield for the left’s […]

Episode 862 – Let’s Be Frank … Mike Lindell’s New Social Media Platform and New Lawsuit Against Dominion

Daily Mail’s 6 Month Late Hunter Biden Story Stephen K. Bannon goes over the “shameful” Daily Mail Hunter Biden hard drive from hell story that came six months late. “The depravity, the compromise, the Daily Mail you had access to all of that,” Bannon said, adding the story should have been published Oct. 8, 2020, […]

Episode 861 – Deep State Scum … Deep Staters Declare War on MAGA

No Contact Tracing at the Border Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from the border, updating on the brutal tactics of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. “There are no rules anymore,” he said.  “They go after children, family members.” Plus, Bergquam reveals the double standard of zero contact tracing at the border, while […]

Episode 860 – Confederacy of Dunces … The Coming Open Borders and Green New Deal Crash

The Mafia Without the Rules Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from Mexico on the lawlessness of open borders, as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has taken over. Bergquam shares an exclusive interview showing the horror of living under cartel rule, leaving the Mexican police begging for help. “It’s life and death,” he […]

Bannon: Biden is Doing the ‘Radical Transformation’ Obama Talked About

Stephen K. Bannon said the Joe Biden regime is the fruition of Barack Obama’s plan of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” “Joe Biden is doing the radical transformation that Barack Obama talked about,” Bannon said on War Room, Thursday. Bannon blasted Biden’s planned $8 trillion in spending, including the latest $2 trillion infrastructure […]

‘Dangerous and Dire’: Bannon says CCP Must Be Taken Down and Destroyed Today

Stephen K. Bannon warned the United States is in dangerous territory as China is making 25-year deals with Iran and Biden bankrupts the U.S. “The Chinese Communist Party must be taken down and destroyed today,” Bannon said on War Room, Thursday.  “Their entire military is paid for by U.S. taxpayers,” he said. “It’s completely financed […]

Fog City Midge Sworn in as GOP Precinct Committeeman

Film producer Maggie Vandenberghe, aka Fog City Midge, joins War Room fresh off her swearing in as a new Republican precinct committee member in Palm Beach County. Fog City Midge reveals 20 new members are avid followers of the War Room, inspired by Dan Schultz’s Precinct Project to get involved. “It was very powerful,” she said. “And […]

Bannon: Vaccine Passports are for ‘Total Control of the Population’

Stephen K. Bannon warned vaccine passports are for “total control of the population.” “The passports are more than the passports, it is the total control of the population,” he said. Bannon reacted to the powerful warning from Dr. Naomi Wolf, who said vaccine passports will be the end of capitalism, privacy, and freedom in the […]

Episode 859 – Shoulder to the Wheel … Grassroots Action Key to Stop Social Credit System

Dangerous and Dire Stephen K. Bannon and Boris Epshteyn say we’re in dangerous territory as China is making 25-year deals with Iran and Biden bankrupts the U.S. “It is dangerous, it is dire,” he said. “And you now see the bets the Biden administration is making with finance and Wall Street loves it.” The planned […]

Episode 858 – Cryptocurrency and China’s Passports … The CCP’s Next Attack on the U.S.

‘There is No Coming Back From This‘ War Room shares the dire warning from Dr. Naomi Wolf against vaccine passports that this is the end of liberty if they aren’t stopped. “The social credit score, this is what the passport is about,” said Stephen K. Bannon. Plus, Raheem Kassam and former White House stenographer Mike […]

Episode 857 – Pence’s Payoff … Michelle Bachmann Won’t Give Up and RINOs Get Book Deals

Absolute Lies Dean of Regent University’s school of government Michele Bachmann returns to War Room and responds to John Boehner’s new book. The former Speaker — who owed his gavel to Bachmann and the Tea Party movement — showed nothing but contempt for average voters, she said.  Bachmann said Boehner wrote “absolute lies” about her. […]

Michele Bachmann Vows to Keep Fighting Stolen Election: ‘This Was a Hostile Takeover’

Michele Bachmann is not letting Nov. 3 go. The dean of Regent University’s school of government told War Room Wednesday she is working with lawyers, political scientists, and others on how to combat the “coup” that took place installing Joe Biden. “I don’t think we should accept it,” Bachmann said. “And I don’t think we […]

Former WH Cabinet Secretary Shares Step By Step How MAGA Can Takeover the RNC

Former White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley shared insider secrets with the War Room revealing how the MAGA movement can takeover the RNC. McGinley said the race for 2024 “has already begun.” But critical rules committees within the Republican National Committee will shape who leads the GOP. “A lot of activity is happening now that […]

Just 30% Support H.R. 1 Once They Find Out What’s in It

Pollster Richard Baris told War Room only 30 percent of voters support H.R. 1, the Democrats’ bill to takeover of elections. The radical bill that legalizes ballot harvesting, bans voter I.D., and enshrines the tactics used to steal the 2020 presidential election is extremely unpopular once voters find out what’s in it. Baris revealed just […]

Mo Brooks Reacts to President Trump Endorsement, Vows to Go Toe-to-Toe Against Socialists Destroying America

Alabama Senate candidate Mo Brooks said the issues facing America are “life threatening,” and promised to be bold in the U.S. senate. Brooks joined War Room after receiving the endorsement of President Trump, who called Brooks a “strong” and “tough guy.” Brooks said the endorsement is “huge,” after Trump beat Biden in Alabama by over […]

Episode 856 – The MAGA Bench … How the MAGA Movement is Taking Back the GOP

2024 Has Already Begun Former White House Cabinet Secretary Bill McGinley joins War Room to discuss the money primary, the consultant primary, and how the RNC is ripe for a takeover. “A lot of activity is happening now that is going to have an impact on 2024,” he said. “And what we need to do […]

Episode 855 – You Passed It, We Found Out What Was in It … Voters Overwhelmingly Reject H.R. 1

You Passed It, We Found Out What Was in It Pollster Richard Baris joins War Room to explain Joe Biden’s lack of political capital and how mainstream polls are used in information warfare. Plus, Baris shares his in-depth polling on H.R. 1, and the radical bill that legalizes ballot harvesting and federalizes elections is extremely […]

Episode 854 – Occam’s Razor … Fauci’s Virus and Open Borders Superspreader

Occam’s Razor Says So Dr. Peter Navarro goes through the many reasons Occam’s razor says the coronavirus was genetically engineered from the Wuhan lab, and financed by Dr. Fauci. “Let’s not let it happen again,” Navarro said. “Holding Tony Fauci accountable is critical in all this because Tony Fauci has been set up as a […]

Bannon: Liz Cheney is ‘So Revolting,’ Worse Than Hillary

Stephen K. Bannon unleashed on Liz Cheney, saying her disdain for the Deplorables is “worse than Hillary Clinton.” Bannon said Cheney is “so revolting” as a political leader after she attacked President Trump’s transformation of the Republican Party as one of the working class as “neo-Marxist.” “She detests the Deplorables worse than Hillary Clinton,” Bannon […]


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