Ep 476- Pandemic: Not the End of the World (w/ Fog City Midge and Richard Baris)

Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jack Maxey are joined by Fog City Midge to discuss the latest on the coronavirus pandemic as the Democrats attempt to steal President Donald Trump’s victory is fully underway. Calling in is Richard Baris with updates on the numbers. Aired On: 11/5/2020 or listen here… ÔĽŅ or watch here…

Tyrmand: Joe & Co Sold Out the Entire Free World

Originally published on Creative Destruction Media,¬†here. Image from Bevan Cooney emails, Matthew Tyrmand On December 4, 2013,¬† Joe and Hunter Biden arrived in Beijing, China aboard Air Force Two.¬† What followed from this trip would have wide-ranging national security implications and affect geopolitics across the West, potentially for generations to come. It had been a […]

Cernovich: President Trump should go nuclear, sanction Big Tech companies

Filmmaker, attorney, and citizen journalist Michael Cernovich joined Stephen K. Bannon on War Room: Pandemic to discuss the crisis the Trump movement has been facing with Big Tech and lay out ways to check the power of Silicon Valley oligarchs through legal means. “The GOP had the power to take on Big Tech. They had […]

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EMAILS: Hunter Biden tried to cash in big with the Chinese Communist Party

New emails obtained and published today by¬†The New York Post¬†reveal that #BeijingBiden’s 25-hours of private meetings with dictator Xi Jinping may have been just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Biden crime family’s China ties. Per today’s release, Hunter Biden was actively working on behalf of other family members to exploit […]

Bianco: Trump Administration can repatriate $1.8T in CCP bond debt for pandemic relief

American Bondholders Foundation President and Founder Jonna Z. Bianco joined Stephen K. Bannon on War Room: Pandemic to explain why the Trump Administration must hold China accountable for $1.8 trillion in sovereign bond debt owed, especially amid economic devastation brought on by the CCP Virus. “The American people realize that in the middle of this […]

Giuliani: Biden crime family has operated for decades, FBI and SDNY have known about it

In an explosive interview today with Stephen K. Bannon, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped several bombshells as he gave his first reaction to the release of emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive implicating then-Vice President Joe Biden in potentially criminal behavior. “Joe Biden has been taking money since he was in the Senate. […]

The Explosive Hunter Biden Emails Silicon Valley Doesn’t Want You To See

Today, the¬†New York Post¬†dropped a bombshell on the Left with the release of a ‘smoking-gun’ email revealing that then-Vice President Joe Biden was not only aware of his drug-addicted son Hunter’s shady dealings in Ukraine, but also that he had met with one of his associates there, Vadym Pozharskyi ‚ÄĒ an adviser to the board […]

Rivkin: Dems would abolish the filibuster and pack SCOTUS immediately if they win in November

Constitutional attorney David B. Rivkin of Baker Hostetler predicts an immediate end to the filibuster and court packing in the event of a Democratic victory this November. “If Democrats win, if they take the White House and the Senate, they abolish the filibuster by a simple majority, and they extend the Supreme Court to any […]

Bannon: RNC should immediately sue Big Tech oligarchs for FEC violations

Stephen K. Bannon lays out the dire emergency posed by anti-Trump Silicon Valley oligarchs on War Room: Pandemic and urges swift, concrete action to inhibit their attempts to steal the Election. “Ronna McDaniel and the RNC should go into court tomorrow and sue Big Tech, Zuckerberg, and the mainstream media for FEC violations and collusion. […]

Bannon: Coordinated Trump opposition is trying to hit the kill switch

Stephen K. Bannon explains on War Room: Pandemic that the coordinated contingent of Democrats, Never-Trumpers, and allies in the mainstream media and Silicon Valley recognize their candidate’s weakness and are trying to silence the President in order to prevent him from connecting to an increasingly fired-up base ahead of Election Day. “Biden, two or three […]

Beattie: Trump’s opponents are trying to take this elections to the streets, courts because they can’t win at the polls

Dr. Darren J. Beattie explains on War Room: Pandemic that the Democrats, Never-Trumpers, and allies in the mainstream media are trying to move the locus of the Election to the streets and courtrooms, since they know they can’t win at the polls. “What every American voter needs to understand is that the oppositional forces against […]

Pope Francis Kowtows to China‚Ķ Na√Įve, Corrupt‚ÄĒor Both?

Liz Yore, in Crisis Magazine, writes: As the ancient Chinese proverb warns,¬†a bad beginning makes for a bad ending. In June of 2013, Pope Francis dispatched to China the infamous Theodore McCarrick to begin deliberations with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to normalize relations with the Chinese Catholic Church. Those negotiations resulted in a secret […]

Bannon: Democrats Have Scared Their Voters into Not Coming Out to Vote on Election Day

Steve Bannon explains on War Room: Pandemic that the Democrats with their allies in the mainstream media have scared their voters to not come out to vote on Election Day and are now resorting to all sorts of nefarious tactics to steal the election. “We take this pandemic very seriously. Very seriously, and how to […]

Lee Smith: Military Officials Like Mattis Being Involved in “Transition” Scenarios is “Extremely Troubling”

During Lee Smith’s guest appearance on War Room: Pandemic, he discusses the involvement of former senior military officials like Jim Mattis being involved in “Transition” scenarios like the ones mentioned in the Transition Integrity Project as “extremely troubling”. He says: “We’ve seen people threatening violence, we’ve seen people, well, enacting violence. We’ve seen it around […]

Bannon: We Must Hold November 3rd Victory all the way to Inauguration Day

Steve Bannon explains on War Room: Pandemic that the election doesn’t end with a victory on November 3rd and must be held firmly through Inauguration Day on January 20th, 2021. Bannon: We've got to win on Nov. 3, and then we've got to hold the victory until the Inauguration No whining, no tears. Every single […]

Rudy Giuliani: Heavy Rainfall After 9/11 Would Have Led to the Flooding of Lower Manhattan

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani explains during his appearance on War Room: Pandemic that heavy rainfalls in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 would have to led Lower Manhattan being flooded. Mayor @RudyGiuliani on 9/11 recovery: You made one mistake, and you were basically going to hell. If we had a big rainfall, all […]

Darren Beattie: The NatSec Apparatus is Wargaming Military Removal of Trump

Darren Beattie explains on Ep 370 of War Room: Pandemic how the national security apparatus is “wargaming” a military removal of President Trump after the Election Day results are in. [email protected]: An existential crisis is ahead of us#WarRoomPandemic @WarRoom2020 pic.twitter.com/df1X6RwjNy — War Room: Pandemic ‚ė£ÔłŹ (@WarRoomPandemic) September 4, 2020 Watch the whole episode here:

Raheem Kassam: Transition Integrity Project Linked to George Soros, Bill Gates, and the Chinese Communist Party

Raheem Kassam explains on Episode 367 of War Room: Pandemic that the “bipartisan” Transition Integrity Project” is actually linked to George Soros, Bill Gates, and the Chinese Communist Party. See Here: [email protected]: There is a George Soros, Bill Gates, #CCP-linked organization wargaming on how @JoeBiden can seize the election#WarRoomPandemic @WarRoom2020 pic.twitter.com/zfv81wfvqG — War Room: Pandemic […]

Raheem Kassam: Everyone Needs to Get Ready for Carnage Following Election Day

Raheem Kassam explains on Ep 366 of War Room: Pandemic how everyone needs to get ready for carnage following Election Day. Kassam states that there are a lot of similarities between this year’s election and the Election of 1876: [email protected]: Everybody needs to get ready for the fact that there could likely be carnage of […]

Illustration by Nikita Petrov

Steve Bannon and The Struggle for America’s Post-Pandemic Soul

Robert Wright writes the following at NonZero. Steve Bannon and The Struggle for America‚Äôs Post-Pandemic Soul When Steve Bannon got his White House pink slip in 2017, there seemed to be at least two lessons for anyone who aspires to stay in Trump‚Äôs inner circle for long. First, avoid being depicted on Time Magazine‚Äôs cover […]

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