Meadows: Fauci Blocked ‘Anything That Was Not Big Pharma’

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Dr. Tony Fauci did not support any that was “not Big Pharma.” On War Room, Monday, Meadows and Stephen K. Bannon reacted to the CNN special that tried to rewrite history of the Trump administration’s pandemic response. “In a whole thing of lies and misrepresentations, the […]

Listen to Rabbi Spero’s Prayer for the Nation

Rabbi Aryeh Spero joined War Room to kick off Holy week with a powerful prayer for the nation. The author of Push Back: Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit made striking parallels to America today to what the Jewish people faced against Pharaoh in Egypt. Spero said America is going through a “time of testing.” “We must […]

Mark Meadows Reveals How President Trump Reacted to Fauci Funding the Wuhan Lab

Mark Meadows revealed internal West Wing conversations during his time as chief of staff that refute the narrative spun by Dr. Tony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx. The bureaucrats appeared on CNN Sunday to rewrite history of the pandemic response they were intimately involved in. Meadows joined War Room to set the record straight. “Fauci […]

Mark Meadows: Fauci Told White House ‘Masks Don’t Work’

Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Dr. Tony Fauci’s claims he was trying to preserve mask supply in the early stages are false. “In those task meetings early on Dr. Fauci said masks don’t work,” Meadows told War Room, Monday. Meadows said he told the team of doctors in April 2020 if […]

Mark Meadows: Dr. Birx CNN Interview is ‘Patently False’

Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows said Dr. Deborah Birx’s claims in her CNN interview were “patently false.” “What we heard on the CNN report was rhetoric we never heard in the West Wing from Deborah Birx or Dr. Fauci,” Meadows told War Room, Monday. “For Dr. Birx to say that hundreds of […]

Black Box Voting: Why Electronic Machines Must Be Eliminated

Stephen K. Bannon said electronic voting machines must be eliminated if America is going to root out voter fraud. War Room exposed the threat of just two or three companies in control of voter machines in the U.S. A concern that used to be bipartisan. “Democrats raised these issues,” said Bannon. “Why are these machines […]

Democrats Target Patriotic Americans as ‘Domestic Terrorists’ in New Bill

Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, uncovers the Democrats’ new dangerous bill that treats the average American as a “domestic terrorist.” The bill allows the national security apparatus to target “conspiracy theorists.” Or put more simply: anyone who dares question any aspect of “this Utopian regime we’ve become.” Beattie told War Room the “Security Clearance Improvement […]

‘Noem vs. NCAA’ Could Have Been the New ‘Trump vs. the NFL.’ But She Caved.

Revolver News’ Darren Beattie said Kristi Noem’s cave to the NCAA reveals she is a typical Republican establishment figure. “She caved to the NCAA,” he told War Room on Saturday. “A real leader would have taken up that fight. Even an astute political calculator would have taken up that fight.” Beattie said Noem has “mutilated” […]

Friday Special: Steve Bannon hosts Outside the Beltway

Stephen K. Bannon hosts a special during John Fredericks’ Outside the Beltway show. Featuring Dr. Peter Navarro, Boris Epshteyn, and Ben Bergquam.

Mike Lindell Makes Bold Claim: Donald Trump Will Be Back in WH in August

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will release a second documentary proving China interfered to swing the election for Joe Biden. “It reveals everything,” Lindell said of the film coming out in a few weeks. “We know who did it. We’ve got everything.” Lindell said he gets 100 emails per day of whistleblowers exposing fraud in […]

More Hunter Biden Crimes Revealed on Laptop From Hell

War Room revealed more crimes hidden on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, Friday. Raheem Kassam read text messages that confirm the report that Hunter Biden’s sister-in-law (and then-girlfriend) Hallie stole his gun in 2018 and the Secret Service intervened. Rudy Giuliani said any other person without the last name Biden would have been prosecuted. “He […]

Miranda Devine Exposes CCP’s Virus Cover Up and Calls for Breaking Up of Big Tech

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine blasted “penny-ante” oligarchs like Jack Dorsey, and says it’s way past time to break up Big Tech. Devine told War Room Twitter and Facebook are “massive companies, unaccountable to anybody, globally owned,” and in control of all information. “These little penny ante oligarchs, like Jack Dorsey with his earring and […]

Georgia Signs Voter ID for Mail-In Ballots into Law

Radio John Fredericks says the voter integrity bill signed into law in Georgia is “not perfect,” but a good start. Fredericks praised “courageous” Republicans for getting the bill through, which requires voter ID in order to vote absentee and eliminates signature matching, two areas prone to fraud in the Nov. 3 election. “It’s not perfect,” […]

Mo Brooks: Harris Will Take Over for ‘Mentally Frail’ Biden

Alabama Congressman and senate candidate Mo Brooks predicts Kamala Harris will be taking over for Joe Biden before the end of this term. “I feel sympathy for Joe Biden,” Brooks told War Room, after the stumbling press conference. “Unfortunately his age has gotten to him.” “Joe Biden today is not the Joe Biden he was […]

Bannon Reacts to Biden Press Conference: No Way He Got 81 Million Votes

War Room reacted to the shocking and disturbing Joe Biden press conference, saying it reveals the impossibility that Biden got 81 million votes. “How can they possibly put this guy up there like that?” said Stephen K. Bannon. “And expect us to buy off on the fact that 81 million people voted for him? Tens […]

Worship Leader Sean Feucht Announces Major Service on National Mall

Worship leader Sean Feucht announced a major service he is planning on the national mall, on War Room, Thursdsay. Feucht said a Great Awakening is underway in America. Tens of thousands flock to his outdoor Christian “Let Us Worship” events across the country. Feucht visited 69 cities over the past nine months, gathering between 3,000 […]

Peter Daszak Has ‘Blood on His Hands’: WHO Researcher Collaboration with CCP Revealed

War Room exposed World Health Organization researcher Peter Daszak’s collaboration and complicity with the Chinese Communist Party. “We’re going to make sure you’re infamous,” said Stephen K. Bannon. “The blood is on your hands, sir.” Natalie Winters of the National Pulse, and Chinese whistleblower Dr. Yan Li-Meng revealed how the Chinese Communist Party covered up […]

Retired ICE Agent: Mexican Cartels Are ‘Worse Than ISIS’

Retired ICE special agent Victor Avila said the U.S. must designate major Mexican cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. Avila shared exclusive footage with War Room of a massive shootout in Mexico. Avila said the cartels are now in full control of Mexico and operate across the U.S. Avila, who was shot in an ambush by the […]

Biden Sending Buses Full of Illegal Aliens to Florida

The Biden regime is sending buses full of illegal aliens all across the interior of the United States after little checks. Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigrant Studies, joined War Room live from the Del Rio sector, exposing the process where American border let massive amounts of illegal aliens go […]

Ret. ICE Officer: Biden Stopped Deporting Illegal Aliens Guilty of Child Sex Crimes

Retired ICE special agent Victor Avila reports that the Biden regime has shut down a program that specializes in deporting child rapists. “They are absolutely are being handcuffed,” Avila told War Room, Wednesday evening. “Interior enforcement has basically shut down.” “Last month the Biden administration shut down Operation Talon, an operation where ICE goes out […]


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