Episode 662 – ‘It All Goes Back to Wuhan’

Giuliani: This is Extortion Rather Than an Impeachment Rudy Giuliani makes the case to dismiss the sham impeachment, and reveals how the Capitol Hill riot was completely organized by left-wing outside forces. “In other words, it’s another Democrat frame up.” Up to 25,000 troops in DC   ‘It All Goes Back to Wuhan’ War Room […]

Episode 661 – ‘I’m Almost Getting Tired of Winning Here’

Breaking: Another Antifa Arrest  Jack Posobiec has all the details of the arrest of Daniel Alan Baker, another antifa member plotting an attack on Trump supporters. Stephen K. Bannon calls out Big Media for hiding the breaking news: “You’re information warfare and we’re not going to tolerate it.” Antifa member plotting attack on inauguration day […]

Episode 660 – ‘They’re Trying to Shut Down the Great Awakening’

Shifting the Goalposts War Room talks about the prospects of a sham impeachment trial starting as early as next Friday, as the Big Media propaganda machine starts changing the narrative since it’s impossible to incite violence when you call for peace.  Mitch washes his hands   What Are They Hiding? The FBI’s advertised Friday “press […]

Episode 659 – Common Sense, Grit, Determination

It Begins: First Primary Challenger Announces Against Pro-Impeachment RINO Tom Norton, an America First veteran, tells War Room why he will primary Michigan Congressman Peter Meijer, who after 10 days on the job has already betrayed his constituents by voting for the sham impeachment. Visit: tom.gop Plus: Declassification update Dem ‘star witness’ Fiona Hill introduced […]

Episode 658 – ‘Guess What? We’re Winning’

Giuliani Reveals Evidence of Antifa Provocateurs at Capitol Hill Rudy Giuliani has uncovered evidence that at least 200 antifa members instigated violence on Jan. 6 to stage a riot to hurt President Trump. Plus: ‘DC is an armed camp…on the 6th they had a couple of bicycle racks.’ Up to 21,000 National Guard troops now […]

Episode 657 – ‘This is Just the Beginning’

Bannon: ‘The Trial of Donald Trump is the Answered Prayer’ War Room breaks down prospects of a motion to dismiss the sham impeachment in the Senate with Boris Epshteyn. Flashback: Motion to dismiss included in previous rules Kerik: ‘John Sullivan wasn’t the only guy from BLM there’ Bernard Kerik breaks down how leftists planned for […]

Episodes 655 & 656 – ‘We’re Actually Winning This’

The day after the House’s Moscow show trial where 10 RINOs betrayed their voters and the Constitution, Stephen K. Bannon has a message: “We’re actually winning this.” Democrats are overplaying their hand and we have more receipts on why “Yes, President Trump Won.” Populist patriots are standing together and doubling down on the fight for election […]

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