Episode 877 – Fauci, The Oracle of the Beltway … Permanent Lockdown and Fraud Everywhere

When Do Americans Get Their Freedom Back? War Room reacts to Jim Jordan’s grilling of the father of the virus Dr. Fauci with Peter Navarro.  Navarro recounts an early White House meeting on the pandemic, when he was still unsuspecting and “not knowing this guy’s excrement didn’t smell.” “All I could think is this guy […]

Episode 876 – The Money Changers … Corruption at the Vatican, Compromised Bidens, and National Security, Inc.

Former State Department official Catharine O’Neill explains the danger of the Biden regime’s “infrastructure” plans.  America’s mayor Rudy Giuliani returns to discuss the phoniness of “Woke” CEOs and their amorality. Plus, Giuliani reveals the catastrophic ways defund the police plays out in practice. Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Puts China First, America Last Read more by Catharine […]

Episode 875 – Pulled From the Globalist Playbook … Election Interference and American Carnage at the Border

Adam, Are You Listening? Mike Lindell wonders if Adam Schiff is listening in, since suddenly the Russia collusion hoaxer is fixated on China. Lindell previews his “mind-blowing” new social media platform Frank and his new election hack documentary that exposes China’s involvement. LAST DAY to sign up for early VIP access: Frankspeech.com Why is Adam […]

Episode 874 – Not Science Fiction … Dr. Naomi Wolf Reveals Dangers of Vaccine Passports

It’s Not Science Fiction, It’s Right Now Dr. Naomi Wolf joins War Room for a full hour on the danger of vaccine passports, and how to stop them. WATCH Naomi Wolf’s dire warning about vaccine passports  Get the book: The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot The Unverified Pandemic Naomi Wolf […]

Episode 873 – Passing Peak Fauci … The Medical Establishment’s Weaponization of CCP’s Virus Propaganda

Past Peak Fauci Is Big Media finally turning on Dr. Fauci? War Room is starting to hear whispers even from globalist journos that they’re tired of the double talk, spin, and nonsense. Dr. Peter Navarro returns to set the record straight about Dr. Fauci’s sending taxpayer dollars to Wuhan for research on how to weaponize coronaviruses. […]

Episode 872 – Take it to the Digital Bank … Crytocurrency and Why the Populist Revolution is Far from Over

The John the Baptist for Trump Brexit leader Nigel Farage joins War Room with an encouraging message to Trump supporters: “the populist revolution is far, far from over.” Farage said consistency and patience is key, noting it took 4 years after the Brexit vote to actually leave because of globalist obstruction. His advice to the […]

Episode 871 – Lies First … CNN Exposed as the Propaganda Arm It Is

Criminal CNN Exposed What happened to “facts first?” War Room celebrates Project Veritas latest monster scoop, where CNN admits they are a propaganda machine against half of the American people. “This is probably the biggest thing they’ve done,” said Raheem Kassam. “To get CNN’s technical director on camera to admit that the entire CNN news […]

Episode 870 – Not Anti-Vax, Just Anti-Bad Medicine … Science-Based Evidence of Vaccine Ineffectiveness and Voter Fraud

Not Anti-Vax, Just Anti-Bad Medicine Dr. Richard Fleming, physicist-nuclear cardiologist, drops major bombshells about the effectiveness lies about the vaccines, and says they could do much more harm than good. “I’m not anti-vax,” Fleming said. “I’m just anti-bad medicine.” Fleming says the vaccine companies own data, from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, all show […]

Episode 869 – Party Line Science … CNN and the Medical Bureaucracy Exposed for Lies About Covid

How Much Blood is on CNN’s Hands? Stephen K. Bannon reacts to Sanjay Gupta sounding like the War Room when he says “Occam’s razor” means the virus likely came from the Wuhan lab. “How much blood is on your hands because CNN has been the running dogs of the Chinese Communist Party?” Bannon said.  CNN’s […]

Episode 868 – Meet Lynn Forester de Rothschild … Globalists Who Despise the Deplorables

Meet Lynn Forester de Rothschild War Room reveals the socialite who was behind the 100 CEO anti-Deplorable pro-voter fraud zoom call over the weekend, and her last name is Rothschild. Dr. Peter Navarro reacts to “the worst fed chair in modern history” Jerome Powell admitting the rigged system where if your wages go up, they’ll […]

Episode 867 – Hoax for Hire … National Security State Accidentally Reveals There Was No Insurrection on Jan. 6

The Aristocracy of the Common Man Stephen K. Bannon explains why America in decline is by the globalists’ design: they make more money that way. Plus, Raheem Kassam reveals what “great replacement” really means, it’s about the left’s bigotry against minorities. “They perceive it as a replacement, it’s not the right,” he said. “[Tucker Carlson’s] […]

Episode 866 – Frankenstein CEOs … Corporate Power is Greater Threat Than Biden

Frankenstein CEOs Stephen K. Bannon explains why big corporations are a bigger problem than the Biden regime. Big Corp are colluding behind the scenes to make Nov. 3 the norm for elections in the future, where the American people have no voice at all. “The 100 CEOs took the mask off,” Bannon said. “They don’t […]

Episode 865 – The Fourth Turning … How Millennials Can Win Fight for Populism

Church Committee 2.0 Stephen K. Bannon goes off on live chat commenter who brought race into the populism debate.   Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, explains why we need a “Church Committee 2.0” to root out corruption from the national security apparatus. Follow @DarrenJBeattie The Fourth Turning Bob MacGuffie and Antony Stark, alums of the Tea […]

Episode 864 – Bellingcat for Dummies … Taxpayer-Funded NGOs Ruin the Border and Spy on You

Socialism’s Role in the Border Crisis Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from Goat Canyon on the border and explains socialism’s role in Biden’s border crisis. Plus, Stephen K. Bannon says the resignation of the border “coordinator” Roberta Jackson means the Biden regime in “scrambling.” “They know they need to put another face […]

Episode 863 – Hunter’s Red Chinese Herring … Laughing Off the Laptop From Hell and the Border Crisis

The Globalist Empire, Formerly Known as America Darren Beattie, of Revolver News, exposes Bellingcat, MSNBC’s new favorite for pushing phony intelligence against the Deplorables. Beattie explains how the nefarious group is connected to George Soros, and your taxpayer dollars are paying for it. Bellingcat has been used to “crush” populists movements like Brexit and MAGA, […]

Episode 862 – Let’s Be Frank … Mike Lindell’s New Social Media Platform and New Lawsuit Against Dominion

Daily Mail’s 6 Month Late Hunter Biden Story Stephen K. Bannon goes over the “shameful” Daily Mail Hunter Biden hard drive from hell story that came six months late. “The depravity, the compromise, the Daily Mail you had access to all of that,” Bannon said, adding the story should have been published Oct. 8, 2020, […]

Episode 861 – Deep State Scum … Deep Staters Declare War on MAGA

No Contact Tracing at the Border Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from the border, updating on the brutal tactics of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. “There are no rules anymore,” he said.  “They go after children, family members.” Plus, Bergquam reveals the double standard of zero contact tracing at the border, while […]

Episode 860 – Confederacy of Dunces … The Coming Open Borders and Green New Deal Crash

The Mafia Without the Rules Real America’s Voice correspondent Ben Bergquam reports live from Mexico on the lawlessness of open borders, as the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has taken over. Bergquam shares an exclusive interview showing the horror of living under cartel rule, leaving the Mexican police begging for help. “It’s life and death,” he […]

Episode 859 – Shoulder to the Wheel … Grassroots Action Key to Stop Social Credit System

Dangerous and Dire Stephen K. Bannon and Boris Epshteyn say we’re in dangerous territory as China is making 25-year deals with Iran and Biden bankrupts the U.S. “It is dangerous, it is dire,” he said. “And you now see the bets the Biden administration is making with finance and Wall Street loves it.” The planned […]

Episode 858 – Cryptocurrency and China’s Passports … The CCP’s Next Attack on the U.S.

‘There is No Coming Back From This‘ War Room shares the dire warning from Dr. Naomi Wolf against vaccine passports that this is the end of liberty if they aren’t stopped. “The social credit score, this is what the passport is about,” said Stephen K. Bannon. Plus, Raheem Kassam and former White House stenographer Mike […]


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