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MAPPED: Up to Date Visual Info on Coronavirus Spread

This map from Johns Hopkins is updated with information as to the spread of coronavirus as it breaks: 

Orwellian ‘Equality Act’ Will Bring Full Weight of State Against Religious

Penny Nance, of Concerned Women for America, explains the grassroots fight against the perfectly Orwellian-named “Equality Act.” “It redefines sex to mean not sex at all,” she said. “If you simply identify as a woman — with no surgery, or no plans for it to be permanent — you can identify as a woman at […]

Plot Against the President Director: ‘The Mitch McConnells Are Done’

Producer Amanda Milius says there is no other leader for the GOP than President Trump. Reporting live from CPAC, Milius says, “the Mitch McConnell’s are done.” Plus, Milius shares more details of the documentary The Plot Against the President and what’s next for her production company.  

‘It’s Something I’ll Die For’: Texas AG Vows to Defend Religious Liberty

Attorney General Ken Paxton joins War Room live from CPAC for an update on Texas’s stance against the Biden regime. Paxton said defending religious liberty is “something I’ll die for,” and rated Biden as the most aggressive executive ever. Paxton said Texas will continue to challenge Biden’s unconstitutional actions. He recently secured a permanent injunction […]