MAPPED: Up to Date Visual Info on Coronavirus Spread

This map from Johns Hopkins is updated with information as to the spread of coronavirus as it breaks: ο»Ώ

Minnesota Housewife Leads Fight to Save Women’s Sports

Beth Stelzer, founder of Save Women’s’ Sports, told War Room how to stop biological men from taking over women’s sports leagues. “It will erase women,” said Stelzer, a Minnesota housewife and amateur power lifter, said of the “Equality Act.” Stelzer recently held an online rally to oppose the Biden regime’s attempt to cancel women’s sports. […]

Exposed: CCP-Compromised Officials at Top of Biden Regime

Natalie Winters, of the National Pulse, told War Room the Chinese Communist Party has “their hook into every aspect of American society.” Winters exposed numerous officials atop the Biden regime with ties to the Chinese government. Her latest report reveals Biden’s China chief Melanie Hart participated in CCP propaganda efforts. Hart said she is “fine” […]

Riviere: Le Pen Would Win if French Elections Held Today

European member of parliament Jerome Riviere told War Room populist Marine Le Pen’s political future is bright. “I think she would win,” Riviere said. “We are within the margin of error.” Riviere said Le Pen would win if the French presidential election were held today. “I think with 14 months to go it’s going to […]

Episode 754 – Open Borders, Closed Schools (w/ Natalie Winters, Ben Bergquam, Beth Stelzer)

Natalie Winters, explains how she and the National Pulse are filling the void in the mainstream compromised press to expose howΒ  the CCP has β€œgotten their hook into every aspect of American society.” Our guests are: Natalie Winters, Ben Bergquam, Beth Stelzer Stay ahead of the censors – Join us Aired On: 02/24/2021 Watch:On […]

GA Senate Passes Voter I.D. for Mail-in Ballots

John Fredericks explains how the War Room audience is leading to the first step to fixing the fixed elections in Georgia, after the senate passed a bill requiring voter I.D. for mail-in ballots.Β Β  “You gotta get involved in Georgia because that general assembly is the litmus test of how to fix the voter irregularites and […]