Federal Reserve Chair Signals Fed May Cut Interest Rates As Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads

Dow Jones (via Morningstar) reports that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is reassuring markets that the Federal Reserve will do whatever is appropriate in the face of the unfolding novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and resulting economic contagion: Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell signaled Friday the central bank was prepared to cut interest rates to cushion […]

Experts Simulated a Coronavirus Pandemic Last Year, It Killed 65 Million

New York Mag’s Intelligencer reports: Last October, two months before the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 emerged in central China, a group of public-health experts gathered in New York City for a simulation. Their objective was to determine how industry, national governments, and international institutions could work together to respond to a hypothetical “pandemic with potentially […]

Coronavirus Pandemic May Explode in U.S. Overnight Just Like in Italy

The Daily Beast warns: Sooner or later, it’s virtually bound to happen. Though novel 2019 coronavirus cases in the United States have so far ticked up in fits and starts, experts on deadly diseases say Americans should be prepared to see an overnight boom in cases that mirror the skyrocketing outbreaks in Italy and South Korea. The […]


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